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Aboriginal Festival in Taoyuan
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Department of Indigenous Affairs
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Festival Events
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Taoyuan City Indigenous People International Music Festival
"Taoyuan International Indigenous Music Festival" is one of the original music festival ofTaoyuan City, which has become one of the famous festivals of Taoyuan after holding for two sessions. It reflects the epitome of contemporary culture of Taiwan''s indigenous culture. It contains shows of the domestic and foreign indigenous musicians with traditional and modern innovative style, highlighting the characteristics of traditional music, and making Taoyuan City as the capital of the indigenous creative music. Inviting nearly 30 groups of domestic and international indigenous musicians. In addition to inviting international musicians, it also continued the original intention of cooperation between indigenous children and musicians called "Little Singer Bigger Dream". Through the exchange of music culture, it inherits new generation, builds new form of indigenous music, and offers dreams of boarding the international arena. Furthermore, "Taiwan indigenous market'''' is the collection of indigenous brand units which set up around the venue, providing domestic and foreign visitors experiences with unforgettable and happy memories.
Taoyuan City Indigenous joint harvests 
The culture of the Indigenous Peoples of Taiwan is an important asset of Taiwan''s cultural diversity. The Harvest Festival culturally serves as the annual festival of the indigenous peoples. Rituals and activities of the Festival demonstrate the ethnic traditions, cultures, and features of Taiwan''s indigenous tribes and allow younger generations living in urban areas to experience the traditional heritage of their home villages and settlements. From July to September, the 12 districts of Taoyuan will hold a Joint Harvest Festival that ends with a City-wide Joint Harvest Festival in October. These events will help strengthen ethnic identity and allow fellow tribespeople and friends in Taoyuan’s metropolitan areas to have an enjoyable weekend.
The Taoyuan City Indigenous Joint Harvest is a collaborative festival of every tribe in Taoyuan City which will demonstrate the rites and ceremonies of Taiwanese Aborigines and pass it through generations as a cultural legacy. The festival is also a platform for promoting traditional dances, songs, music creations, special produce, famous cuisine, cultural craft, unique architecture, and platform for advocating administrative measures for the Indigenous Peoples.
Since Taoyuan became a municipality, the Harvest Festival and the annual ceremonies and rites are organized by the Indigenous Peoples in storytelling way. By deepening the scope of communication and collaboration with fellow tribespeople to make them the focus of the celebrations.
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